About ILGE

ILGE started as an import business specialised as a supplier of foreign (outside of the Netherlands) newspapers and journals. In 1991, the company made the transition from individual sales to subscription management services, warranting the adoption of a more suitable name: ILGE Subscription Management.


ILGE marries traditional, user-friendly service provision with refreshingly innovative solutions – the perfect mix, so say our customers!


Today, ILGE is a leading player on the Dutch, Belgian and German markets in the area of subscription management, online content management and consultancy for subscription collections. A tightly-knit and committed team, continuous involvement and a transparent working method are what characterise ILGE, which has for the last nearly 40 years earned the full trust of our customers. Going on the experiences and testimonies of our customers, ILGE has found the perfect marriage between traditional, customer-friendly service provision and unique, innovative solutions.