ILGE Subscription Management

ILGE is a leading player on the Dutch, Belgian and German markets in the area of subscription management, online content management and consultancy for subscription collections. A tightly-knit and committed team, continuous involvement and a transparent working method are what characterise ILGE, and with which we have for nearly the last 40 years earned the full trust of our customers. ILGE takes care of all the aspects involved in the management of newspaper and magazine subscriptions, whether in print or in digital form.

While our customers differ greatly in terms of size and needs, we are always able to provide them with a fitting solution. All of the subscriptions information is clearly and concisely detailed in the ILGE Portal®. This online management system can also be used to browse and order more than 2 million book titles.

ILGE manages your subscriptions in the most efficient way using innovative, user-friendly solutions, without ever losing sight of the customer’s need for personal, tailored service.