Do you offer your visitors a selection of international newspapers? Are you constantly trying to get the right balance to your collection or are you looking for ways to present yourself a specific way in this digital age in the library world? Then we highly recommend you opt for the PressReader via ILGE!

Over 7,000 international newspapers and magazines from all over the world.

Digital newspapers and magazines

ILGE now offers the most complete solution for your library’s international newspaper and magazine needs: PressReader. Over 7,000 international newspapers and magazines from all over the world accessible through a single application, directly available at the time of publication – a must-have digital addition to your collection! PressReader gives users optimum reading ease and plays into today’s digital developments.

Offer your customers:

  • Access to original texts and complete newspapers
  • An archive that goes back 90 days
  • Read online or offline
  • Interactive reading features - SmartFlow & SmartZoom (display per page or per article)
  • Translate entire texts and articles with the click of a button
  • Audio integration: Have the specified text read out
  • Unlimited sharing of articles via social media (Twitter, Facebook, eMail, Evernote and InstaPaper)
  • Option to print articles, newspapers and magazines (integrated in your print and payment system)
  • Possibility to comment on and ‘like’ articles in newspapers and magazines
  • Possiblity to copy texts and make screenshots

Readers will be able to enjoy a highly interactive and user-friendly reading experience by being a member of your library! Give your customers access to more than 7,000 newspapers and magazines from over 100 countries, directly available from the time of publication.


Complete subscription: No more digital limitations

PressReader is accessible through various forms of media/devices. Let your customers decide themselves how they want to read their favourite newspapers. Your subscription will consist of:

  • PressReader App: Access in the library to the database on library tablets for public use.
  • PressReader HotZone: Access in the library to the database on visitors’ own tablets, smartphones and laptops.
  • PressReader: Access in the library to the database on library computers.
  • PressReader at home: Secure access to the database from home on your own device!

PressReader App:
The PressReader App works on any kind of tablet regardless of the brand or type, and gives users instant access to the database on library tablets. You will be giving your visitors the utmost in modern library service.

PressReader HotZone:
With PressReader HotZone you can offer your visitors access to the database in an innovative way on their own devices! By logging in to the library’s Wi-Fi network with their own tablet, smartphone or laptop the user will gain access to all of PressReader’s features. Opened documents will automatically be available offline for free in a personal newsstand and can be opened and viewed from anywhere at no additional cost. A quality service that your customers will surely appreciate and will benefit attendance at your library.

Provides automatic access to the newspapers database via the website You can opt to specifically designate certain computers in the library for use of this exclusive service. The newspapers database can be accessed from any web browser.

PressReader at home:
Your services go beyond the boundaries of the library. This is truly a digital world we live in today. Outside of the library, your customers will be able to access the entire newspapers database from any device through a secure connection for a period of 7 days. Access will time-out after these 7 days; for an extension the customer can then visit the library in person to request activation of another 7-day period!