Solution for Medical libraries

ILGE also offers its subscription management services to medical libraries. Since their collections are in many cases virtually entirely in digital form, we provide modified online tools to provide access to, browse and generate statistics and medical data.

"When you email or call them, for example, if you are having trouble gaining digital access to a journal, you get a response right away and your ILGE contact person can usually give you a solution the same day. I really appreciate this."

W. Salemink, Spaarne Ziekenhuis (Spaarne Hospital)

ILGE will make clear agreements with you and guarantees transparency with respect to prices and exchange rates

ILGE will take care of the procurement of information as well as price negotiations with publishers. The medical journals and databases market is highly subject to change. Prices fluctuate considerably and publishers are still looking for clear and transparent pricing models. This typically makes finding what you are looking for a challenge.

ILGE will therefore make very clear agreements with you and will guarantee transparency with respect to prices and exchange rates. We will explore smart ways to provide you with your desired collection of subscriptions within your specified budget. In this, we typically combine consortium deals with individual purchases of journals. We also make a distinction between printed and online material. Continuous evaluation of the use of your online content will then make it possible to implement targeted changes to the selection available at your library.

A number of ways ILGE Subscription Management can benefit your medical library:

  • A single point of contact for all your subscription matters. Our staff are ready to help with all your orders, cancellations, claims and questions.
  • ILGE translates publishers’ complex pricing models into a clear quote for your medical library.
  • ILGE brainstorms with you and negotiates with suppliers for you. We will buy your desired subscription at the lowest possible cost.
  • Your contact person will provide advice on the use of electronic devices based on reliable user statistics and extensive reports.
  • Access to all pertinent management information through the ILGE Portal®.

By outsourcing the management of your collection to ILGE, you will save considerably in time and costs. Your library staff will also be less burdened so that they may focus on serving your library’s patrons.